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The Inventor

The PowerGrass is a brainchild of Dott. Niko Sarris, graduated in Agriculture science, with about 20 years of direct experience in many natural grass and synthetic turf sport fields constructions that have allowed him to gain a deep knowledge in the construction and maintenance of both artificial and natural grass for sports use.

PowerGrass - Business Model

Conscious we have to fulfill all market demands and spread up quickly the best technology ever seen in the sport field construction industry, we have focussed on a simple business model that can help us growth safe and quickly.

A Joint Venture between Italgreen S.A. and The Specialisti of Green ltd will soon generate the mother company of PowerGrass.

Our target is to get into business with qualified established partners, based on exclusive relationship and/or to support smaller companies to grow together with us, sharing in this way the market opportunities coming out from this unique system.

Specialized Partners

In PowerGrass Partners you can find specialized companies in both artificial and natural grass constructions. In our staff there are skilled persons in turfgrass care and constructions issues. They are able to set up, tailor budgets and/or help you develop your project and business plan for installation, maintenance and field management, providing additional value that makes your investment a successful business to run.
Each new partner follows up a training program and is assisted by experts, in order to acquire deep knowledge on turfgrass care.
Maintenance of natural grass is essential and the "follow up service" supplied by the Partners is meant to assist customers by providing a constant free advisory service, by qualified personnel.

Qualified Installers

Thanks to specialized staff, specific means of work, long time experience and deep "know how", we can cope with all the demands of the market. The installation of the PowerGrass pitch is not complicated, but requires specialized personnel to implement the project in short time, very often restricted to meet the needs of the playing schedule.

PowerGrass has designed to prevent human mistakes, the project is flexible, easy to adapt to almost any situation, but good growth conditions depends on many factors and it's necessary to entrust the installation on specialized staff to make sure there is good understanding and stay on the safe side taking care about your investment.

Financial Opportunities

Our financial Partners know how is difficult to finance a new project for sports facilities, therefore have selected special work groups to examine the project sustainability and guide customers until the project is funded.

Competence ... Efficiency ...Flexibility

The market is in constantly in evolution and changes occur very quickly, therefore we need to follow up the market's demands. We are always looking for innovative solutions to provide our customers with:

  • benefits and advantages, at the same costs,
  • optimize costs, without sacrificing quality
  • and often provide both: Quality & Savings...
    and that is what you get with PowerGrass.

We train our staff to be:

  • flexible, to meet the customers demands;
  • competent, as a result of our experience, our research & development until we have a 360° understanding of construction and maintenance issues;
  • capable, to work in "team", to study the problems that might occur and find the right solutions;
  • efficient, to achieve maximum daily yield and comply with contractual maturities.

Our structure is organized to operate long distance, as if we were in "Home".

Operating efficiently, we never disappoint a customer. Call us, without obligation, we know our job well.

Green EconomyGreen Economy

New ideas, with respect for the environment and the nature.

Gli Specialisti del VerdeGli Specialisti del Verde

The PowerGrass idea comes from the experience of "The Specialists of Green", who have so far created more than 130 sites where most of the them are football fields.


Italgreen, a leading company in Italy in the field of synthetic turf systems that is a strategic partner.


Eurogreen, market leader in Germany in the maintenance of natural grass sports fields, is the missing link in the chain.

Green EconnomyGreen Econnomy

Successful projects that generate "quality and savings".

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